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* Sexual Conquest's Journal * [entries|friends|calendar]
Sexual Conquest

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* mmm i love sex after a long drought * [18 Feb 2004|09:16pm]
[ mood | horny ]

I went over his house today. Hopped in the shower and washed my hair, my body...shaved everything for him. I felt so new after I got out. I put on a pair of soft pants with no panties on and just laid down on the couch. He hopped in the shower and I fell asleep. He came up to me and kissed my on the forehead. He got dressed and then we laid together. Not even 30 minutes later he was lightly rubbing my leg. It felt so good to be touched after so long. We never got the time to do anything. He started lightly running his fingertips over my pubic bone...dancing them over my lips. Finally he brushed my clit which sent me over the edge. I bucked my hips and moaned. His dad was sleeping in the other room. He stuck his fingers inside of me slowly...feeling my wetness. I moaned breathy into his ear. It felt SO good. He started fucking me with his fingers, hard. He spread my wetness down to my asshole and slid the tip of his finger in. I moaned harder as he fucked me doubly. The sensation of both spots drove me insane. I came hard and collapsed ontop of him. He smiled and leaned down and started licking my clit. He literally searches for it and licks it. It drives me so fucking crazy. I cum again and i want more. We lay down for a little and i get my breath back. He does his little tongue in cheek move which means he wants me to give him head. I shake my head no because by this time I just want to fuck. He slides himself into me and we grind for about a minute and then we stop. He says it feels way to good cause hes been built up so I lean down and make him bust in my mouth. By this time his dad is out of bed so we stopped and watched tv. His dad left a little while later and we ordered a movie off the tv and some pizza and waited for the pizza guy to come. He laid down a bunch of blankets on the floor and he started kissing my stomach and hips. It felt so good. I started moaning again and the fucking pizza guy showed up so i had to get up and get the pizza. We ate and watched the movie and then i was STUFFED. We laid down and watched it for a little and then he started fingering me from behind. I flipped over and started kissing him deeply, running his hair through my fingers. It felt so good to be on that floor with him. He took his shirt off and ran his fingers down my sides, giving me goosbumps. He took my pants off and started licking my pussy, sliding his fingers inside of me. I felt like a goddess. He pulled off his pants and slid himself inside of me.

He fills me up so tight and he was SO hard. I wanted to cum right there. He wanted it to last long so that meant making love and not fucking cause he blows faster when i make him fuck me. I wanted to be fucked so bad. He tortured me..sliding in and out of me so slowly..it drove me fucking insane. Every once and a while he would pump so hard into me though, that he would go deeper inside of me than i thought possible. I would almost SCREAM when he did that. We did this for about AN HOUR. And then i made him let me ride him. I wanted to ride him so bad. He said yes and I practically JUMPED on his dick. I started riding him HARD and he told me to slow down. IT WAS KILLING ME! I wanted a hardcore fuck. I wanted him pumping in and out of me at incredible speed. But this felt so torturous and so good...i had to obey him. He held my hips and i grinded his dick inside me. I moaned loud and hard and then i leaned back so he could get a better view of himself inside me. I put his hands up to my stomach so he can feel his dick inside me. He smiles and I kiss him hard and long. He pushes me off of him and turns me over. He knows i want this bad so he starts to fuck me doggy style on the floor. I start to moan hard and long and he reaches around me and starts playing with my clit. He bangs his cock into me harder and deeper than the last time and I cum hard and long..screaming, muffling my mouth with a blanket. I let him fuck me...use me. IT feels SO good to be FUCKED. I never want it to end. I want him to fuck me all night long.

By the time hes ready to bust its been two hours and he pulls out and i finish him off with my mouth. He busts so hard and so long..but i swallow it all. He tastes SO good. I want more of it. He collapses on the floor and I do the same. I am so out of breath. All i can say is "Oh my god..."

Touch Me

* mmm * [13 Oct 2003|08:46pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Fresh out of the shower for tonight. I love the way the cool air feels on the back of my damp neck. I find it sexy the way the little wisps of hair at my nape curl into little tendrils afterwards.

He says that his favorite part of last night was when he was undressing me. The way he planned out the entire day sneekily, just so he could fuck me. I loved it. I loved how he did all that for me.

We snuck upstairs to his bed and he pushed me down, pulling my tank top over my breasts, pulling my bra down too, and immediately going to work on my nipples. Flicking his tongue softly on my right nipple then biting it with force, making my body arch violently at the surprise. I smile and turn my head to my bare shoulder and rub my chin on it, enjoying the attention he's giving me. He stops and asks me, "Can I fuck you." He breathes hard into my mouth. Why does he even ask? He knows the answer. I shake my head yes yes, and I lift up my arms so he can slide my black bra and tank top up and off over my head. He smiles and throws it to the end of the bed, going to work again on my bare torso now. He kisses me slowly around my breasts...i moan softly and he kisses me softer. I want him so bad i can hardly stand it. Have you ever been so wet and you didnt even know and your S.O goes to lick/touch/fuck you and he just gasps?

Thats what he did. He slowly undid the button to my jeans and slid them down my freshly shaven legs. He kisses my thighs and then slowly takes my socks off. He smiles and I just bite my lip because I know what kind of torture is ahead of me. He climbs back up my body and kisses my neck, sliding his strong hands behind my neck and kissing each side...my collar bones. I am moaning louder now, I just want it already! He slides a condom on his hard dick and teases my clit with his head. I arch my back slowly, crawling up the bed, his arms on either side of my naked body. He leans into my ear and whispers "I'm Gonna Fuck you." And i moan softly.

He slides so easily into me, im so wet and so ready for him. He pushes into me harder and i gasp. He laughs quietly and I dig my nails into his shoulderblades. He smiles and digs his face into my neck as he rams his hard cock inside of me, so far inside that i didnt even think it was possible. It hurts but it feels sososo good. I can feel my wetness on the inside of my thighs as he enters and exits me over and over, my hips slamming into his, the sound of our hot skin meeting. I could take this all night if allowed. I would take him every hour on the hour. He fucks me so well, I scream louder and louder with every thrust, digging my nails into his back, wrapping my legs around his waist pulling him further inside me. I moan loud and long and he covers my mouth "Shhhhshshhhh" he begs me, even though we have no reason to be quiet. We are all alone. He just wants to torture me. I try to be quiet. For him. Be a good girl.
Its the least I can do for recieving this amazing fuck.

We fuck harder than I've fucked before for a good hour straight and then I straddle him and fuck him, riding him like a cowgirl. Letting him all the way inside me. I moan so loud, i grab my hair and just ride him, letting him watch me as I fuck him mercilessly. He is moaning loud and I reach behind me and play with his balls, rolling them gently in my hand. He moans louder, my name. I arch my back, and i feel him get BIGGER inside me. His cock throbbing, begging to just explode inside me. You buck your hips against mine and I climb off of you, you push me down on the bed on all fours and slide your cock inside of me from behind, fucking me doggystyle. My face is mashed against the pillows and I can hardly breathe but the pleasure is so insane that I don't even care. He fucks me for a good three minutes and then i feel him bust inside of the condom. I moan so loud as he rubs my clit until i orgasm once again. Im sweating, my skin sticky and hot. He collapses next to me and i try to regain my breath, he smiles and wraps his arms around my breasts, pulling me closer. "Oh my goddd!" I scream. He laughs and kisses my earlobe gently.

I love nights like these ;-)


Touch Me

* I had written in this journal before but now is a new beginning * [13 Oct 2003|01:19pm]
[ mood | horny ]

Im going to call myself "C" and my Signifigant other "S." ----- This is a new beginning. I have recently gotten out of a long and heartbreaking relationship so I need somewhere to rejoice the fact that I'm getting laid again *hehe* So my new s.o, S is so so so sexy. His body makes me want to hold him down for hours just so I can taste him. He drives me crazy.. It's so different when you finally can compare someone to someone else. Before, I was young and foolish, not experienced at all. And now...boy do I know. Fucking is my favorite thing to do. Im not ashamed of it at all. Not in the least. Who wouldn't want to be completely engulfed in someone. The grinding of bodies, the moaning, the sweating, the pure rawness of it all. It's so sexy and so fucking hot, i can barely stand talking about it. I love the feeling of his cum busting inside of the condom, a small, thin barrier between my depths and his hot jizz. Oh god...if only the possiblity of becoming pregnant weren't there, i would let him cum inside me a million times.. He could fuck me for hours, and not get tired. I love that. In every position imaginable, he fucks me from behind, missionary, pulls my legs up almost above my head, slamming his hard cock inside me. My tits bouncing uncontrolably. How could anyone be a virgin! I just want it, i crave it every second. I crave his tongue, his hands, his skin....everything he can give me i want Ugh god. Crazy...the way the bed SLAMS against the wall, bang bang bang! The way im totally uninhibited, i don't care if the people all the way down the street can hear me, i scream so loud. He loves it too. I know he does. Baby baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me. Pure insanity the way we work. Magic i would call it but really it's just that we're both lust driven. We want the same thing. We want to be filled with that animal lust that you get when you fuck like crazy...all day. Sometimes, he get's so deep inside me that i don't even know how he does it. It hurts..but it feels SO good. I just think about how long it will be till i can be in this place again. Being a naughty girl and fucking him in his daddy's bed. Cumming all over his sheets that he sleeps on..loving the fact that maybe he can smell me on them. He rubs the blanket over my clit and i moan loud. Mmmmmmmm..god don't stop! Why does it EVER have to stop? Why go to work? Why go to school? I think the world would be a much better place if everyone just stayed home all day and made love and fucked each other silly. Dont you ? ;-) -C

Touch Me

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